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SMAR Architecture Studio,founded by UWA A. Professor Fernando Jerez (PhD MArch ETSAM) in 2009 and co-directed by Belen Perez de Juan, is an awarded arhitectural practice with offices in Australia, Spain and Lithuania. 

SMAR, with more than 20 international awards, is currently documenting the Science Island Museum with construction starting in 2019 after winning International Competition in 2016. SMAR was shortlisted in the Guggenheim Helsinki International Competition among 1715 entries from 77 countries, top 3 among 387 entries in Lima Museum of Art Competition and awarded 3rd Prize in the Aalto Museum Competition among 689 entries in 2016. SMAR work and writings have been published in international Journals such as AV (Arquitectura Viva), Architectural Review, A’A’, Damdi Publishing, L’Architectured’Aujourd’hui, Bauwelt, WA wettbewerbeaktuell, EGA, AW, Archdaily, Dezeen, Designboom and The Architect Journal and exhibited in the (AIA) American Institute of Architecture, New York, Aalto Museum, The 2014 National Architecture Conference of Australia and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Kunsthalle, Helsinki in 2015.

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